Electric Water Pump: Flow-Mate Submersible Pump

Zoeller’s Flow-Mate Model M98 Cast Iron Submersible Sump/Effluent Pump features cast iron motor and pump housing, a cast iron switch case, and a cast iron base. All castings are cast iron class 25-30 with 25000# tensile strength. The M98 also features an engineered plastic vortex impeller. The Flow-Mate has a corrosion resistant powder coated epoxy finish. There are no sheet metal parts that will rust or corrode and no screens that will clog.

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Unlike other Electric Water Pump Reviews, this article focuses on Zoeller 98-0001

As the environment continues to change in deadly ways, many people are finding that it makes sense to buy an electric water pump.  No matter whether you are concerned about, a basement flooding or a garage, the Zoeller 98-0001 can meet all of your submersible pumping needs.   This particular electric water pump sports a ½ horsepower engine that can easily do the job of a ¾ horsepower model.  Since critical parts of the pump are made from cast iron, you can rely on it delivering service for years to come.

When a flooding related catastrophe happens, you will quickly feel like your entire world is turning upside down.  Unfortunately, if you do not address flooding while it is happening, you will be in for even more problems. This includes mildew infestations, loss of structural support due to wood rotting, buildup of mosquitoes, and other hazardous problems. On the other hand, when you buy an electric water pump, you can have peace of mind knowing that you will be able to reduce the risk of post-flooding damages as much as possible. That said, you should not have to put up with an electric water pump that makes a lot of noise, or one that will break down at a critical moment.

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 Some of the main features of this particular sewage ejector pump include:

  • Capable of passing ½ inch solids in a spherical shape
  • 72 gallons per minute pumping capacity
  • 23 foot shutoff head
  • Cast iron pump housing and motor

Additional benefits associated with this electric water pump:

  • Makes very little noise while operating
  • Will pump until temperatures reach 130 degrees
  • Automatic reset to avoid thermal overloads

Things You Will Find in the Package:

This particular electric water pump weighs about 36 pounds, and comes with everything that you need to remove flood water from a building. When you purchase a Zoeller 98-0001 submersible pump, you will receive the following:
  • Hardware for mounting and assembly of the electric water pump
  • Users guide
  • Warranty information

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Lacy J- You don’t need to survive a hurricane to know that a flooded basement can wreak havoc in your life. Even though my area is supposed to be safe from these problems, I heard more than enough from Hurricane Katrine and Irene survivors. This prompted me to think about buying a backup sump pump for my home. During the process of searching for an electric water pump, I soon learned that Zoeller manufactures the best sump pump products and accessories. Today, I can say that my water powered backup sump pump was tested when a flash flood caused municipal sewer systems to back up. The electrical water pump that I purchased worked perfectly, as expected.  As I look at my neighbors and their trials with damaged appliances and mold problems, I feel much better about my purchase.  It does not matter if I never need to use this particular electric water pump again. The bottom line is it was there and worked perfectly in a crucial moment when it was desperately needed.

Recommendation for the Zoeller 98-0001

If you have ever watched news footage from hurricanes and typhoons, it is fairly easy to understand why an electric water pump is vital to have on hand.  In fact, even if you live in the ground floor of an apartment, having an electric water pump on hand may be of immense benefit.  No matter whether you want to protect appliances housed in the basement, or simply want to avoid all the problems that come with excessive dampness in a home, you can rely on the Zoeller 98-0001 electric water pump to meet all of your needs in these kinds of situations.

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