White Mold in Basement: Remedy

Are you looking for the most effective ways on how to treat white mold in basement? If you start to smell musty odor in your basement and you notice growing number of white specks on the walls, definitely you have white mold in your basement and you have to get rid of those molds before it gets out of control.

The main problem in dealing with white mold in basement is that the more you try to get rid of them, the more they spread on your entire basement be it floors, walls, or ceiling. If you have a wet basement floor or walls, you must know that these wet areas are perfect haven for molds. Now, if you are wondering how much a basement waterproofing cost, then expect to spend thousands of dollars on that one depending on the company who will do the job for you and of course the size of your basement and the areas affected. Those dealing with molds too in their basements found finishing a basement yourself the most cost-efficient way to treat white mold in basement, and here’s how you may also do it.

white mold in basementWhite Mold in Basement: How to Kill White Mold

First, take a closer look of your entire basement. Check the walls, the ceiling, and the floors. Look for sources of moisture that encourage white molds to grow. Are there cracks in your tiles, gaps in grout, leaky pipes, etc.? After identifying the moisture sources of white mold in basement, make sure you clean deep those surfaces using a quality mold killer. To cost you less, you may also combine hot water and non-ammonia soap, pour in a spray bottle, and spray it on the affected areas, allow the mixture to go beneath those areas, and scrub really hard.

After applying your mold killer or homemade soap mixture to the affected areas, rinse the surfaces with clean water, wipe them dry, and wait for more hours to make sure areas are completely dry. In case you have countertops, tile floors, or anything made of glass in your basement and you also notice white mold growing in those areas, combine bleach and clean water and spray it on those surfaces. With a rag or old towel, spread the solution evenly in the affected areas and do not rinse; allow it to air dry.

White Mold in Basement: More Useful Ideas

White vinegar is also very effective in killing white mold in basement. Pour pure white vinegar in an empty spray bottle and spray it on your basement’s moldy surfaces. Make sure you don’t rinse those areas too. Allow the solution to go beneath those affected surfaces and air dry.

For upholstery or fabrics in your basement like carpet, sofa, etc., with white molds, combine water and denatured alcohol, place mixture in an empty spray bottle, and spray it in the affected areas. Scrub those areas lightly with a rag and vacuum all loose white molds from your upholstery.

Remember, basements are often the most overlooked part of the house when it comes to cleaning. Therefore, cleaning your basement yourself means you have to devote lots of time, patience, and hard work to get rid of those molds. Keep in mind that mold growth in your basement can cause health concerns to your family. Start cleaning your basements today and make sure you get rid of white mold in basement using the mentioned home remedies.

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