Sump Pump Drainage: Advantages

A common device found in most basements is the sump pump drainage system.  What does a sump pump do? A sump pump is a relatively cheap device that automatically draws out water from a pit or basin of a basement, home, or any other building prone to flooding, dampness or is below the water table.  The water drained is automatically pumped and redirected to a drainage system. This device is sturdy, easy to buy and a common remedy used by homeowners/builders to remove dampness and/or flooding inside a given installation.  Sump pump reviews are mostly positive for so long as installation is properly canvassed planned, executed and the sump pump device, accessories and accessions are installed properly.

Sump Pump DrainageSump Pump Drainage in basements

Generally there are two categories for a basement sump pump systems.  The first type is known as “pedestal” which a visible type of sump pump, and is generally mounted on top of the sump pump basin or pit.  Sump pump repair and maintenance is relatively easier because the device is accessible. The second, is the “submerged” type which is a waterproof and sealed device placed inside the basin or pit.  This type of sump pump uses better quality materials which are water sealed to improve reliability. The advantage of the sump pump drainage is that water is automatically drained away from the basin as it accumulates removing the necessity of manual checks and repeated hauling of water by the homeowner

Sump Pump Drainage: French Drain

A French drain is a type of drainage system that makes use of waters tendency to move downhill or downwards on a slope.  A relatively shallow and narrow trench is dug then inlaid with perforated pipes and/or tubes, the holes being laid downwards so as to prevent clogging, and then covered with loose gravel. Water accumulates and moves downwards away from the area saturated with water.  This type of sump pump drainage is advantageous because it is simple and relatively cheap and can be used by the sump pump to move water away from the catch basin on a basement or any other building or installation.

Backing up sump pump drainage:

There are generally two types of sump pump, the first being the electrical type and the second, is the water powered sump pump. In some cases Homeowners/builders require the use of both types of sump pump to ensure that in case one fails another takes it place. This is especially recommended if the basement or installation is holds electronic and other machineries or appliances that get damaged thru exposure to water or moisture.   Generally, the electrical sump pump is the primary motor used and is wired into the electrical system, if electricity fails a water powered French drain sump pump kicks in to ensure a basement is kept dry.

In Closing, the use of a sump pump drainage is advantageous to homeowners if water excessively accumulates or if the basement is below the water level because the sump pump ensures moisture is kept away from the inside of the basement automatically without the need to resort to manually checking and then manually hauling water out of the basement into a drain which is time consuming, backbreaking and is simply annoying to the homeowner.


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