What Does A Sump Pump Do?

A sump pump is a pump that collects water from a sump basin.  The water collected from the sump basin comes from rain or melted snow.  The sump basin is commonly found in the basement of a home.  If the basement is below the water table level, water from rain or snow is funneled into the sump basin. What does a sump pump do? A sump pump removes water then sends the water it has collected from the sump basin a distance away from the home to an area that is safe.  The sump pump discharges water, from the sump basin through the pipes, to areas such as:  a sewer; a ditch; onto the ground which is away from home; into a French drain; or out to the hillside if the house is situated above the hills.

what does a sump pump doWhat does a sump pump do – other uses

Basement sump pump systems which consist of a sump or a tank are buried below basement floor level.  The pump may be a pedestal type or the submersible type.  The pedestal sump pump type places the motor above the sump while the submersible type requires the motor and pump at the bottom of a sump. It is preferred that the pedestal type is being used since we do not want to be electrocuted since water is a conductor of electricity.  Aside from keeping the basement dry, a sump pump can also be used to remove water from roofs, patios or storage sheds or perform emergency water transfer.

What does a sump pump do – selection and maintenance

Sump pumps usually have floats.  When water rises in the sump pit, the float rises as well.  Once the float reaches a certain height of water level, it triggers the sump pump to switch on and then starts pumping water from the basin going out through the drainage pipes.  This will keep the basement from getting flooded.   Sump pumps are electrically powered but if electricity fails, it has a battery backup to support the pump in collecting water from the basin.  But what if these two fail?  Water powered sump pump reviews call for use of water powered sump pump that can replace the electrically powered sump pump when there is power failure.  The water powered sump pump only needs your municipal water supply to make the sump pump work.  No need of electricity or batteries.

The selection of a sump pump system entirely depends on what you really need and that can optimize its use.  Water powered sump pump reviews has the advantage of a water powered sump pump system except for a shutdown of water supply.  This is only good if you live in a place where it’s seldom to happen.  Aside from that, there is no need of maintenance.  Unlike the electrically powered sump pump, regular checkup or maintenance should be done to keep it working.  In a sump pump repair, you might need some replacement parts.

In choosing the right sump pump, you should consider what is applicable in your situation such as location, the kind of climate you always experience, house structure, cost of buying, cost of maintenance and repair, reliability and product features.  Just think about what does a sump pump do that can help your basement water-free and keep your home and belongings from water damage.

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