How to Install French Drain: The Steps

How to install French drain is a matter of concern for a lot of homeowners. Basically speaking, a French drain is the term given to trenches dug either in an exterior or interior area of a home or any type of structure in which pipes or gravel are placed in to help absorb and redirect excess water away from the property.  These are effective especially in cases wherein excess water can prove damaging and inconvenient to those who own yards and basements.

how to install french drainThough you can hire a professional to install your French drain, there are always steps which teach you DIY French drain installation.  The following are steps which can teach you how to install French drain systems:

How to Install French Drain Step #1

Before resorting to the laboring part, keep in mind that your trenches should measure between 8 and 12 inches wide because of the following reasons:

(1)   The wider it is, the longer the French drain will last

(2)   Despite the wideness, it is still the capacity of the drain to disperse and collect water is more important

(3)   Deeper, wider trenches are easier to grade and dig

How to Install French Drain Step #2

The first thing to do would be to find the most appropriate spot on where you would install your French drain.  Search for the spot where water puddles usually form.  These places are commonly found in the basement of along the foundation of your home.  After doing so, trace the route to where the slope is lowest in your property.

How to Install French Drain Step #3

Start excavating along the route of the trench you have marked.

How to Install French Drain Step #4

To start filling in the trench, lay about two to four inches of gravel.  Some would prefer lining the trench with fabric first so as to keep dirt away from the gravel.

How to Install French Drain Step #5

Use perforated pipe so that excess water from the outside will be able to enter the drainage system.  Once you have laid the perforated pipes on the flooded areas, start connecting a solid drain pipe so that water would not leak outside.

How to Install French Drain Step #6

Use another layer of gravel and coarse sand to cover the French drain system.  It is important to use gravel so that mud would not form from mixing with dirt.

How to Install French Drain Step #7

The last step and final step is to use sod to cover the French drain from view if you do not want it to be visible from view.

The costs would depend upon the type of drainage that you would install.  Interior French drains are usually cheaper, and would cost you about $3,000 to $5,000 only.  Exterior French drains are much more expensive and would cost about $9,000 to $13,000.  The costs do not only involve the materials but might also involve the labor if you prefer to have your French drain installed by a professional. Always remember that in learning how to install French drain systems, put in mind the French drain cost that would come with it.

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