French Drains Installation: DIY or Professional

French drains installation is one of the ways that can help people solve their problems wherein water creates puddles in their yards or in their basements.  French drains are now being used as effective drainage solutions.  This type of drainage system involves trenches which contain gravel and pipes that effectively redirect water away from usually flooded spots in a person’s property.

French Drains Installation Part 1 – Cost of French Drain

The costs of installing French drains vary from the area where it is to be placed, the materials to be used, and the length and depth of the French drain.

Interior French drains are used to help avoid the collecting of water in places indoors like basements and cellars. The usual cost of this would revolve around $3,000 to $5,000 inclusive of materials and professional labor.

Exterior French drains are those which are installed in yards and outside the perimeter of one’s property.  The estimated cost of this would be pricier than the interior types, with prices ranging from $9,000 to $15,000.

french drains installationFrench Drains Installation Part 2 – DIY French Drain Costs and Procedures

Installing a French drain yourself has its good news; it would not cost you anything except the materials you would need like a shovel, gravel, and drain pipes.  You might also want to include grass if you have the extra budget since you can use this instead of sod to cover up the finished French drain system.

For DIY French drains installation, you can refer to the following steps:

(1)   Locate the best spot to install your French drain system.

(2)   Dig a wide trench in which there would be enough space to put in the right amount of gravel and enough space to fit in the drainage pipes.

(3)   Fill the trench first with gravel, then the pipes, then cover it with another layer of grave and top it all with either topsoil or coarse sand.

French Drains Installation Part 3 – Professional Installation

If you are the type of homeowner who would not want to engage in the physical work involved in installing French drains, then you should hire someone who is a professional when it comes to French Drains installation.

Professional contractors would do French Drains Installation for about $25 per linear foot.  The price already includes the consultation, installation, the materials and parts he would need, and the back filing of the trench using either sand or top soil.

If you prefer a professional service, you can contact waterproofing, drainage, basement, or landscape contractors.

French Drains Installation Part 4 – The Conclusion

French Drains installation are both worth sweating and saving for since it would result to one good effect which is to effectively redirect water elsewhere instead of leaving it to collect in your basement or in your yard.  If you have learned how to install French drain systems yourself, then you would get the benefit of spending less.  Professional services are also good in a way that the accuracy and durability of the French drains installation are guaranteed especially with those homeowners who are not used to doing physical work with their homes.

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