Finishing a Basement Yourself: How to Do It

Wondering if finishing a basement yourself is possible? A lot of homeowners, like you, hope to turn their very gloomy basement into a very useful place for the whole family. However, the average cost to finish a basement is seriously thousands of dollars. Now, if you want to finish your basement for less or at least take out that white mold in basement, here’s how to do it yourself.

First, clear out your basement. Take out all the clutter in your basement or better yet hold a garage sale to generate more income to be used for your basement redecoration.

finishing a basement yourself Finishing a Basement Yourself: Your Walls

Scrub all the walls with detergent and water. Look for cobwebs, dust, loose grout, etc., and make sure you get rid of all of them from your basement walls. After washing and scrubbing all the walls, allow it to dry.

Moisturize/prime your walls. Use an acrylic block fill primer and apply it to your walls so re-painting your basement will be easier. Usually paint do not adhere to your walls easily so before you do some painting in your basement, make sure you coated those walls with primer and let it dry for a day before you start the painting.

Do the painting. Finishing a basement yourself means you have to do the painting too. Use a light-colored paint for your walls or choose whatever color you like; a glossy or a semi-glossy paint will do depending on the type of look you want to achieve for your basement walls.

Finishing a Basement Yourself: Your Ceiling and Floors

Mop your floors. Look for stains and make sure you scrub all those dirt off your floors. After washing and scrubbing, make sure you rinse your floors properly and allow them to dry.

Place carpet, tiles, or paint. Whatever is available you may opt for tiles, paint, or carpet of your preferred design and color to create a new look for your basement floors. You can use one color throughout all areas of your basement or you may also mix and match for creativity.

Put fabrics to your ceiling. In finishing a basement yourself, especially your ceilings, why not staple some fabrics. Fabrics are cheaper than renovating your entire ceiling. Choose a light-colored fabric and cover your entire ceiling with it.

Finishing a Basement Yourself: Your Decorations

After cleaning your walls, floors, and ceiling, it is about time to do some decorations for your once gloomy basement. You may stand some shelves in one corner of your basement and place your favorite books on those shelves. You may also use shelves as dividers to create different rooms.

Add some furniture pieces in your basement that you may also get from your living room or bedroom and you think will best be placed in your basement, or better yet go to thrift shops and buy cheap pieces there to finish your overall basement look.

Finishing a Basement Yourself: Tips on How to Frame a Basement Wall

Does framing your basement wall sound good to you? If you want to keep your basement warm especially during winter months, why not add some insulation? Stick building is often the best solution in framing walls and ceilings. If you have lots of duct work or pipes in your walls and ceiling, and finishing a basement yourself will require you hundreds of dollars to get rid of those visible ducts and pipes, you may either leave it bare or install a drywall or furring strips.

You see, finishing a basement yourself is not difficult. Work on your imagination, add with little creativity, and see how finishing a basement yourself can be easy.

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