Finished Basement Designs – The Various Types

Perfect Finished Basement Designs… If you want to make your basement really beautiful, you need to know which among the many finished basement designs best suits your space, your lifestyle, your budget, and your personality.

Finished Basement DesignsFinished Basement Designs According to Structure

There are three major types of basement design plans according to structure. The first type is called the daylight basement, also known as the walk-out basement. It carries a modern architectural form wherein the house is situated on top of a slope, with part of the basement appropriated above ground level. The occupants of the house can walk out (hence the name) of that area of the house without having to resort to the use of stairs.

The next type in the list of finished basement designs according to structure is the lookout basement. This is actually the most complex of all finished basement designs. Here the basement walls are sufficiently extended above ground level so that certain basement windows can be built above ground level as well.

For houses that rest on a gentle slope but a walkout basement feels inadequate, architects recommend the lookout basement. Some lookout basements are deliberately constructed on an even flat site. The obvious advantage of these basements is that all their windows are above ground level. However, the main floor entry, which is also situated above ground level, prompts the occupants to use stairs to get to the house’s main floor. Opting for a raised bungalow may prove the best solution.

The third type is called the walkup basement. Out of all the finished basement designs according to structure, only this one promotes the use of a stairwell. Some homeowners hide the stairwell with strategically-placed basement doors to keep water from gathering. It would be wise to check out basement lighting ideas to keep the area well-lit and avoid accidents on the stairwell.

Finished Basement Designs According to Flooring

There are also basement designs that focus on the area’s flooring. It’s advisable to choose the best flooring for basement before commissioning a design. You can use basement design software to experiment with color, pattern, positioning, etc.

Concrete flooring is the most common and simplest of all finished basement designs. This is ideal if you’re going to use your basement simply for storage purposes, or if you think a lot of people will be using your basement.

Ceramic flooring is a great alternative to concrete flooring, but it’s not recommended if your basement will be housing hard, solid, heavy stuff.

Hardwood laminate flooring is perfect for a basement that has been converted into an additional story, such as when it has become a function room, a game room, a library, a music room, and more. However, good ventilation is necessary to keep the wood from getting damaged.

Thick carpeting is probably the most stylish of all finished basement designs in terms of flooring. This is not suitable for those with family members who are allergic to fabric usually used in carpets. Also, an air dehumidifier system is required to keep the carpet free from mold buildups.

Indeed, you won’t have difficulty finding options for your basement. Whichever of these finished basement designs you fancy, make sure you consult with an expert and your family before making a decision.


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