Cost of French Drain: The Breakdown

cost of french drainWhy bother finding out about the cost of French drain? If you are a homeowner who wants to keep the yard and basement devoid of moisture and excess water which can provide damage in the future, then installing a French drain is one of the things you must consider.  What is a French drain?  Not only would you avoid pools of water with it but you will also be able to save more money than spend them on repairs and renovations caused by damages done by water and moisture.

Okay, so now you have found out that French drains are great to be used as yard drainage solutions and that they are trenches filled with pipes that can drain excess water away from the perimeter of your home.  However, there is still one thing which concerns you as a homeowner: the French drain cost.

Cost of French Drain Part 1 – The Difference in Costs

The cost of French drain installation varies from the type of French drain you would like to be installed and the area where it is going to be placed in.

Since there are two areas where you can install French drains, namely interior and exterior; there are also differences in the costs to have them installed.

Installing an interior type of French drain is usually applied in basements where water can possibly enter because of the basement being underground.  The approximate cost of having a French drain installed in interior areas would be about $3,000 to $4,000.

Exterior French drains are most commonly found on the outside walls of structures and in yards or gardens.  Since most of the French drains installed in exterior means would involve a lot of digging and would sometimes cost more materials, the exterior installation cost of French drain systems would revolve around $9,000 to $15,000.

When it comes to knowing the cost of French drain installation per linear in foot, the cost would probably be around $10 to $16.  Also, one thing which should be considered when computing for the cost of French drain installation is the amount of drain gravel to be used which can be easily calculated depending on how many bags will be used and the cubic yards to be covered.

Cost of French Drain Part 2 – Factors to Consider

In anything involving construction, there is also a certain amount allotted for the labor done.  If you are having professionals do the work, then there would definitely be added costs.  However, if you are willing to put in the effort to dig around the spots where you would like the French drain installed, then the costs would be cheaper since you would only have to compute for the cost of the materials.

Draw plans on how deep and how long your French drain will be and you will be able to calculate the number of bags of gravel you would need to fill the trenches up and also the amount of fabric lining you will use to cover the gravel up. Always remember that in determining the cost of French drain installation, the gravel and fabric lining are two of the things which determine the cost of French drain installation you will be spending money on.

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