Basement Waterproofing Cost: The Breakdown

Before you begin digging up around your house’s foundation with plans of improving your basement, you need to know the basement waterproofing cost you’re going to have to shoulder. You don’t have to grope in the dark wondering whether you’ll be needing a loan to pay for such a project. In order to know the basement waterproofing cost, you’ll have to see for yourself what the problem is first and foremost. The severity of the problem is usually the determining factor of the amount you need to pay.

Basement Waterproofing CostCommon Solutions to Common Problems to Avoid Exorbitant Basement Waterproofing Cost

If you have a wet basement floor, find out where the water is coming from. The common process involved for this is taping at least a twelve-inch piece of aluminum foil to the basement wall. Seal it tightly and check the foil after a few days. If the foil’s outside feels damp, then the problem points to condensation. If the foil’s inside is completely wet, then the problem points to seepage. You have to figure out how to frame a basement wall the right way to avoid causing more damage, including paying around $350 for professional but minimal basement waterproofing cost.

Condensation problems can be easily solved by improving the ventilation. In the summer, install air conditioning; in the winter, make sure there’s a heater. This is to curb dampness and reduce humidity. During wet weather, the basement windows should be closed. But your best bet is a dehumidifier. A heavy-duty one will cost you around $250.

Seepage is less costly to solve. There are a number of home remedies you can apply. For instance, if there’s a flower bed near the foundation, make sure to trim the plants and remove the cuttings to prevent the collection of moisture. If there’s sloping involved, this will put the basement waterproofing cost at around $500 because you’ll have to install drainage then to divert the water. If you’re finishing a basement yourself, you can save on labor.

Other Problems with Higher Basement Waterproofing Cost

If neither condensation nor seepage is the problem, then perhaps you need to consider the possibility of groundwater getting through the cracks of the basement floor or wall. There are many options available to solve this.

Installing an interior drain running along the basement walls’ inside, much like what a baseboard does, can divert the water to the sump pump. You can find DIY kits that can cost up to $250 with materials enough to cover about 20 feet. Professional basement waterproofing cost will be twice that. Of course, this will only provide temporary relief.

The worst case scenario would involve sealing foundation cracks from outside using polyurethane, rubberized filling compounds, epoxy, or hydraulic cement. Cost will run from $7 to $12. After sealing, paint to keep moisture out. Choose quality sealing paint; this will cost around $25 per gallon. If the problem persists and if you see white mold in basement, you might have to excavate around the foundation’s perimeter and install a waterproof barrier. This can put the basement waterproofing cost at $5,000 at least, which is what most people consider the average cost to finish a basement.

Professional help can give you quite a burden in terms of basement waterproofing cost. However, if you’re not sure what the problem is and you’ve done everything you could to no avail, then it’s time to loosen your belt a little and spend to have your basement up and running properly.


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