Basement Sump Pump Systems: Uses

A basement sump pump systems is installed in a home to prevent basement flooding. What does a sump pump do?  A sump pump removes water collected in a sump basin sending water away from the house to any place, such as a sewer or a dry well. It also decreases dampness where water table is above the foundation of a house.  It is usually hardwired to a home electrical system that is setup either manually or automatically.  A manual sump pump is only switched on when needed while the automatic sump pump switches on once water touches the water level that triggers the float. Basement sump pump systems have two categories which are submersible and pedestal.  The pedestal sump pump is being preferred because its motor sits atop a pedestal and out of the pit and can be in plain sight that makes it easier to repair.  Besides, the motor should always be kept dry.

Whether you are living in a very damp or moist climate, it is essential to have basement sump pump systems.  Because basements are below the ground, it is vulnerable to ground water and rain, water seeps into the basement that causes dampness or constant flooding.  In this case, it is damaging and requires repairs that can be expensive.   Think about when flooding occurs that your basement or home foundation can be at risk.  Moss and mildews will grow.   Most likely in this situation your furniture or other belongings can be ruined.

basement sump pump systemsTwo types of basement sump pump systems

There are two types of basement sump pump systems such as the power operated sump pump and the water powered sump pump. The power operated sump pump uses electricity and in the absence of which, a battery backup supports the sump pump.  The water powered sump pump reviews does not require usage of electricity but uses the home water supply.  The irony of using water to send away water to prevent basement flooding can be more expensive in the long run compared to using electric sump pump.  This is something you need to consider in choosing a basement sump pump systems.  The electric operated sump pump has its disadvantage in a situation when there is a storm and electricity is cut off.  Likewise to water powered sump pump, when water supply is shut down, so does your sump pump.  Some homeowners would want both to be sure that their basement is flood-free.

Basement sump pump systems supporting the French drain

There are other homeowners who have the French drain sump pump.  What are French drains?  French drains are drainage tile system used for basement waterproofing and water surface drainage.  This has been used for thousands of years all over the world.  The disadvantage of this drainage system is that it picks up sediment from the soil.   Layers of sediment will build up in the drainage tile and also inside the pipes.  Given a period of time these pipes become so coated with mud and sediments that they clog up.  The blockage will cause wall leaks in the basement.  At this instance, there is a need to add up a basement sump pump systems to support the French drain.  Thus, the combination of the French drain and basement sump pump systems is sure to prevent floor and wall leakage and maintains the basement dry.

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