Basement Framing Tips: Top Ten

The basement is often neglected but, by using your creativity, carpentry knowledge, and some basement framing tips, you’ll be able to make the basement look better. Although a professional can do it better, you can try doing it yourself as a part of home improvement projects, and save money as well. Once the frames are installed, you can make use of the space. Consider the following basement framing tips for your first project.

basement framing tipsBasement Framing Tips that Really Work

  1. Lay out the design and allocate money for the cost of remodeling. That is the most important of the basement framing tips.
  2. Procure all materials needed including your gloves.
  3. You may construct from the floor all the sections of the wall, raise them up and you can position them into place if you want to convert the basement into a multi-purpose room.  Of course, the type of framings will differ accordingly. That will be basement framing tips option one.
  4. You may like option two, by nailing first the wall’s top and bottom plates before nailing the studs in between two plates.
  5. You may choose any of those two methods how to frame a basement wall and it all depends on your convenience. If there will be no obstacles like drainage, electrical wiring tubes, water pipes, and plumbing facilities the first option works better.
  6. You can now implement the idea based on the plan. When you will render ground works all by yourself, concrete walling will be too much of a workload for you, and you must consider using wooden walls. It is the best option amongst do-it-yourself basement framing tips.
  7. Make sure that the quality of your lumber is superior and not sub-standard. They should be all weather-proof and durable. Check the ends of the lumbers; they must be smooth and are properly clamped.
  8. Marking is so important so you will know where to hit those nails at. Always provide allowances in your measurement. It will always be reminded as one of the basement framing tips to make sure that the vertical walls are uniformed when installed; make use of a plumb bob to draw a vertical line from the ceiling to the floor. Make sure to avoid holes and spaces in between by caulking and sealing the gaps properly.
  9. Finishing touches will include painting and decorating as the finale of the basement framing tips. Make the room appear brighter being the dimmest part of the house. If that was your first do-it-yourself project, make sure it was decently done. Brighten up the room making use of interiors that are refreshing to look at.
  10. Finally, you should not miss doing away with white mold in basement. As much as possible, that will be the first thing to consider before you start the renovation and thinking about these entire basement framing tips. First and foremost is sanitation. Basements are regarded as the perfect breeding area for mold. Be sure to exterminate the cause and start renovating the basement without the presence of any mold.

Basement Framing Tips – Bottom Line

Be sure to have enough budgets for the renovation. You do not want to stop in the middle just because you got short of funds. A smart move from all basement framing tips is to allow 150% budget to cover the cost of variables and unforeseen expenses. You can save the excess afterwards. If you would convert the place into a legal rental unit, you will need professionals to do the job and the whole thing may cost you from $30-50k. An average cost to finish a basement can amount to more than $10,000 (approx. area) but you can economize if you do it yourself and consider these basement framing tips.

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