Basement Design Plans: How to Go About It

Importance of proper Planning

Basement design plans is the first order of business when constructing or improving a basement.  This is because improper or no planning may cause shoddy waterproofing, improper drainage system and underprovided accessions and accessories which will necessitate a remodel or worst and cost homeowner/builder more in the end thru. When it comes to planning a basement some of the considerations a homeowner must take into consideration are basement lighting ideas, best flooring for basement, and waterproof flooring for basements.  Last but definitely not the least is the homeowner/builder’s budget.  Proper planning, especially one made thru the aid of a professional may cost more initially but a well thought out and executed plan may lessen overall expense thru proper budgeting.

Basement Design PlansSoftware

Basement Design Plans can be done without the aid of a professional and can even be done through a basement design software.  The more common type of software will be in question and answer type software coupled by a floor plan mock up. Specific questions will be asked and depending on the homeowner/builders answer, the basement design software will design an adequate floor plan which can be rearranged by the user. The significance of this software is the fact that a homeowner/builder can visualize the basement design plans which helps them detect potential problem areas in budget, space, waterproofing and even difference in taste of the homeowners/builders as the case maybe.

Basement Design Plans: Floors and Walls

The first thing that comes to mind when designing a basement is the make and design of the walls and floor which must be within the budget yet adequately waterproofed and decorated to the homeowner/builders preferences.  This can be a bit tricky but the most important thing to remember is that while the physical appearance can be added or improved on later the basic structure would be very difficult and costly a lot to change.  This means that Homeowners/builders basement design plans must prioritize stability, durability and adequate waterproofing, proper collection and drainage especially if the basement is being constructed or improved on a budget.

Basement Design Plans: Lighting

Next consideration would be lighting. Since most basements are partially or totally below ground.Adequate lighting must be considered. If possible natural light which couples a s a source of fresh air should be considered in order to minimize the cost of lighting and provide a proper outlet for unwanted odors and as an added protection against moisture and mildew.  However when considering an opening for natural light a homeowner/builder must ensure that it is watertight and durable to prevent unwanted moisture from coming in.

In closing, the key to building a permanent structure such as a basement is always proper basement design plans, either with the aid of a professional, thru the aid of a software, or thru common sense.  However, a very important planning step is a realistic budget. Every type of construction is plagued by budget problems because the cost of materials was not realistic, or the cost of material shave increased.  Therefore, proper basement design plans entails not only a floor plan but a realistic budget that provides allowances for price increase and a provision for alternative materials and their cost.


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